by Laurianne Fiorentino / LAURIA

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COME ON HOME 1996 L. Fiorentino I woke up one morning and the world was white And every color knew it was winning Through the thunder through the lightning Came a crowd of angels Who’d been changing from the beginning Come on home They came like a call in the middle of a dream They came like a catch of your breath When you finally reach the top of that hill And it feels like there’s nothing left Come on home to the middle of the sky Come on home to the palm of my hand Come on home to the center of each word Come on home to the middle of the woman and the man Come on home to the edge of the wilderness Come on home to the things that you know best I’m going to see you there Heaven is my middle name To those who know me well It’s nothing you can buy And nothing you can sell Come on home Come on home to the tree that holds the nest Come on home to the north south east and west Come on home through the source of the storm Come on home through the shell of the egg Come on home to the tip of your very own tongue Come on home to the hole that fits the peg
SIMPLE AS THE SUN 1996 L. Fiorentino Jump into me swim to the back of my heart Where the beat drills deeper and the blood is red hot Where the sound of the moon is the sound of the stars And everything is simple as the sun, as the sun Everything is simple as the sun If to you I seem distant I am not the only one Sometimes I feel like I am coming undone But I don’t want you to worry, I love you too much All I need is something simple like the warmth of your touch So won’t you jump into me.... Heaven is the place where the color of fear Is the color of me wanting you to be near If I opened up my heart enough to let you inside Would it feel like something in me had just folded up and died? I’d have to jump into me... What would I do with an open heart How would I pretend to falter How could I pretend to fall apart When everything I thought I knew, fell right through And left us all alone – with the truth I’d have to jump into me.... Everything is Simple As The Sun
INSIDE THE CHANGE 1996 L. Fiorentino The river never says the same thing twice Even when it’s sleeping under sheets of ice The sky never stays the same color blue And when you meet your horizon it’ll come to you I’m going to glow like a grove of aspens at dawn and shimmer in the afternoon I’m going to walk straight through the thick of it all Got to come to a clearing soon Inside the change I’m getting stronger But it feels like a weakness to me Inside the change I last a little longer And it feels like a weakness to me Inside the change I’m going to last Just a little bit longer The wind feels different every time it blows Born at the beginning of sound And the colors of the hills sing a brand new song When the sun gets so close to the ground I’m going to glow like a grove... Inside the change... The forest always smells like the start of something new Winter never lasts too long Out in the middle on the crest of a wave That’s where I belong - Inside the change.
Together at Last 1996 L. Fiorentino I tried to tell you then Your face glowing in the night Your eyes were hidden in smoke With your cigarette alight You made damn sure you had the last word But I won’t give up til I know I’ve been heard And everything in between Made it clear to me that I too Had been invisible to you As all the love hanging there in mid-air Without a hook or a latch There was nothing to catch Us together at last You keep telling me you’re just like your mother Well there ain’t no such thing as a sin Sometimes I’m a little bit like my father At least we got a place to begin I’ve never felt so alive before I’m going to stand right here and I’m going to feel it some more Even though that vision’s a lingering voice And it seems I’ve got little choice Has it always been like today You’re in mine and I’m in your way With a crash we collide, in pieces side by side Together at last My memory hugged me with all her might She sent me home on a cold front flight And bearing that gift from her I landed where all the old bumps were But I’m over them now, some way some how I know I’m not the only one Unlike the sun who’s got to be the lonely one He keeps burning day and night As moon and stars reflect his light And it warms my heart some When things farthest apart come Together at last And it’s never too late to be Together at last
SEVENTEEN HUNGRY HORSES 1996 L. Fiorentino Seventeen Hungry horses Waited for me where The sun broke into pieces shadows on my stairs So be careful when you come up Be careful close your eyes And listen to what my floor says They’re dancing hard tonight Seventeen hungry horses Seventeen hungry horses Stood at my canyon edge And looked down into the reason why They dared not leap the ledge I don’t remember how I met them And I don’t’ remember why But someone had folded up all my sources And tucked them 'neath the hooves Of seventeen hungry horses Young enough to ride, A way to feel inside Young enough to ride away To feel inside Seventeen hungry horses said they belonged to you Seventeen hungry horses said they belonged to me I had nothing to feed them And I didn’t know what to do So they broke my heart wide open Just to see if it was true Then they chased me round in circles And I chased them into squares They chased me into triangles And I chased them back under the stairs I wondered where they hid my breath And how long theirs would last I wondered if you knew they were here These pieces of our past And when I could run no longer I turned and faced the beasts And one by one I rode them home And they cared not in the least So go ahead and let them run free Forget to feed and fence Let them build their forces Let them out side I will challenge and ride All your seventeen hungry horses
OUT IN THE MEADOW 1996 L. Fiorentino Out in the meadow, I found three things to show you They didn’t tell me what they wanted But admitted that they needed to know you The first one is so rare, you can see right through it The second one is so silly it gives you sense to do it The third one is so close, you can’t get to it They followed me home, moved right in I even knew it Out in the meadow.... The first one is so small, you can’t put your arms around it The second one is so familiar you might wish you never found it If the third one ever leaves you, it’ll leave you astounded Don’t look at me with that tone of voice My heart is firmly grounded So come you craven, take this craven’s hand And let me introduce you Behold these things like the falling of a star Something tells me if we walk fearlessly These three things will tell what they are Out in the meadow, when I wan to know something I go out walking where the wind blows free And the grass looks like the sea And it’s waving to me And I was thinking of you.
GRACE 1996 L. Fiorentino Your heart was broken long before I was born From the fabrics of your wildest dreams, I was torn Round and round this earth I flew Breaking free breaking through Just to circle you And falling into a fiery sea Tumbling towards you my wings melted free Numbness disappeared and gone was all control I became a human child, I became whole I feel you in stillness, I fell you in my veins I feel you disguised as a thin layer of pain I feel you, I know the color of your name I feel you and I feel you And you never feel the same It takes courage to become a human child I feel you no secret, no protection, no key I feel you walking on the ground inside of me I will swallow sweet granules of grace Whenever a tear kisses the contours of your face It takes courage to become a human child
THE MOON IS ROUND 1996 L. Fiorentino The petals of the moon fell on her face that night Her fortune told like feathers after an angel fight The wind sang praises across her back til daylight She cam down from black holding words of white When she arrived she was from a foreign place the children had no need to recognize her face For they saw flowers blooming in a winter space Bubbling over with tears of joy and hands full of grace She told me story about the heart of the land She told me a story and pressed a stone into my hand Smooth and warm it felt just like a friend When she disappeared I began to understand Summers bad and beautiful followed me from there Messages arrived and it mattered not from where Sometimes I swear I see her flying through the air Sounding like the ocean does when it drips from my hair She was in an old man laughing with a child She grew like the grasses tossed tufted and wild And she hid in city streets behind the faintest smile In windows, on rooftops, under side-walks dead and tiled Far beneath the surface is what I’m standing on The spirit serves the shell, the shell deserves the dawn Sometimes when I’m tired I’m not feeling so strong I reach for her hand and find my own and lead where I’m drawn Long ago before I was afraid before I was found I too was a blade of grass a root deep in the ground Sometimes if I’m quiet, in the sweetness of no sound She says’ “Don’t ever doubt yourself, the moon is round”
FALLING WATER 1996 L. Fiorenitno Candlelight drips down my back And settles into the crack That staggers across my heart Like the memory of lightning ‘cross a summer sky Then the flash is gone, It’s almost dawn And your thunder stays rolled up under my bed And your flock of magicians still circles my head Will you ever let me rest When it’s your faults I love the best? They draw me to you where the light falls through Like the memory of lightning ‘cross a summer sky And this light casts a shadow of me Bigger than I thought any night could ever be And I’m watching you undress, down to your uncertainty And wearing only that, you swirl around me And I drop into your wind And with a set of sails made from my skin I am blown to where the fire begins And it burns forever, like falling water
A WOMAN’S WORD 1996 L. Fiorentino Come die in my arms on thousand deaths Come die till you die no more Wood, wind and water and holding you Is what these arms are for An avalanche in the hills of the heart Can bury these words at your feet Just as pigments when they are pushed too hard Paint portraits of defeat Swimming, I am swimming Through silence and darkness unknown Like a planet that spins as a baby begins To realize she must breathe on her own Water don’t you leave my lungs Mother where shall I go? How will anyone carry me? How will I let them know? Shall I offer my eyes up to the skies And my heart up to my blood And if my tongue wraps around these woman’s words Will it save me from the flood? And she says Come die in my arms one thousand deaths Come die till you die no more Wood, wind and water and holding you Is what these arms are for
WHO NEEDS YOU 1996 L. Fiorentino I can hear you growing in between my flaws And you’re down there banging your tin cup Across your hand-hewn bars And I can hear you shaking all my laws And you’re down there breaking everything That ever was Sometimes a rock hits a bone Sometimes all needs alone You left nothing in tact You left nothing in fact And I guess it’s time for me to admit Something I always knew There is no difference between the sound of love And the sound of you And if there is no difference between the sound of love and the sound of you Who needs you? Ido
DON’T STOP DON’T START L. Fiorentino Yellow petal drops from the daffodil But for the storm outside it is perfectly still In a room big enough for you and me Down here where all the music used to be It’s to quiet now, my wilderness, my wild understood It’s too quiet now, too quiet now Don’t you think we should? I want to feel your voice upon my skin Your laughter through my hair Won’t you prove to me you are flesh and blood Lean your weight upon me where My heart rattles inside its cage A beast stolen from the wood And if it ever breaks free Oh yes, it’s going to do me some good But it’s too quiet now, my wilderness My wild understood It’s too quiet now, too quiet now Don’t you think we should don’t start don’t stop don’t start don’t stop now
THUNDER IN MY TEETH 1996 L. Fiorentino Sometimes you see me and I’m standing Just like a statue I get no relief I get these rainbows in my ribs and thunder in my teeth Yes I’m standing just like a statue I get no relief With all these rainbows in my ribs and thunder in my teeth I am perfectly smooth alabaster I talian Marble as cool as the sea And when I see you sitting there with your heart on fire You begin to look a little bit like me Sitting there just like a statue. You get no relief, do you? With all those rainbows in your ribs and thunder in your teeth Feels like I’m married to the weather Who caresses every curve I thought it was giving me all the love I need But it was just giving me the nerve To be standing like a statue.... How does it feel, how does it feel....? Come a little closer, touch me - I’m moving Slip your hands inside my mistakes And I if I ever let me down off this pedestal Won’t you hold me for as long as it takes I’m going to hold you for as long as it takes... Easy now, I’ve been up here such a long time I’m crumbling down, tumbling down I’m falling apart, help me down I’ve been a statue and I get no relief With all these rainbows in my ribs and Thunder in my teeth
Give Up The Keys 1996 L. Fiorentino It’s time to give up the keys boys Time to turn in your hands Time for ripping up leases and corporate ladders Wrinkle those creases, where it’s folded won’t matter You’re not going to need a tie to match the suit that’s under your skin From my girl to the tip of your fin You may start out alone up at the microphone And it’s time to give up the keys boys, time to turn in your hands It’s not your fault, it’s the strength of a dream But there’s a skate in the way and ice in between It’s the color of where you want e to be From Bejing through the desert under one canopy Ahah nbut the jungle it steals me and hides me on the coast Where the sound of your wetness, oh It shakes me the most I’m dying, I’m sailing, I’m flying, I’m flailing ‘Cause it’s time to give up the keys boys Time to turn in your hands Put them over your heart Feel it beating don’t be afraid It’s through us you were made And we would never tear us apart Pick up your toys, clean up your room Someone’s got to go out shopping To refurnish the womb I’m looking for pools of water from your piano Pools of light from your strings Give me hope, give me love Give me peace from your mechanical things Because it’s time I believe in you and me It’s gone on this way for a reason And it’s time


Laurianne Fiorentino's live solo-concert debut recording.


released May 15, 1996


all rights reserved



Laurianne Fiorentino / LAURIA Santa Fe, New Mexico

"You got them to laugh! You got them to think! And you got them to sing! How Fabulous!"

"Being part of a Laurianne Fiorentino performance is to be gently guided from the everyday to a plane of beauty and understanding that presents to us the possibilities of the psycho-spiritual worlds we all seek with our beings."
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